Cindy Rowe- Wine  Maker –  Educator – Owner.

                       Cindy enjoys creating new and different styles of wine as                         well as traditional styles.  She has a passion for the fruit                         wines and has loved working with her fruit and grape                               growers as well as other wine makers from the region                             learning the fine art.  She has evolved into an excellent                             wine maker.



                       Tim Rowe-    Tasting Room, Safety, Assistant Wine Maker,                         Owner.

                       Tim works at the winery part time and is responsible for                         the safety of all.  He spends countless hours with the                               pick up and processing of grapes as well as decisions in                           the wine cellar.  He is a great asset to the tasting room                             with his welcoming smile and knowledge of our wines





                           Tyler Holman-  Brewer- Sales-Marketing- Computer -                               Cellar hand. 

                           Tyler joined our team with his knowledge and                                             management skills. He assists with all the happenings                             at our store and has great knowledge about brewing                                 and wine making.  He teaches the make your own beer                             at the store along with creating custom recipes for our                             customers.



                         Kathy Casper- Sales-Wine- Tasting and Events.

                         Kathy started making wine with us in January 2017.                                 She enjoyed it so much that her boyfriend Dave created                           a wine cellar for her to make and enjoy her wine.  She                             retired from her State Government job after 39 years.                               Kathy joined our family in October 2018 and loves                                     meeting new people.

                         Kimberly Cooper- Manager-Tastings, Retail, Customer                               Service


                         We are happy to introduce Kim as our most recent team                            member.  Kim, recently joined us in April 2019, and                                  brings her expansive knowledge about wine, product                                presentation, and event planning from her previous                                  two years ‪in the wine industry‬. She has a varied                                        background in Retail / Customer Service over the last                             15 years, and was ready for a change coming back to                                serving people from her hometown roots in                                               Hagerstown.  She is excited to to be a part of our                                       winery's team helping us grow our business.


                         Brittany Barton- Sales-Wine Tasting and Events.  

                          Brittany joined us in late 2017 to help out with our                                    growing sales and events.  Her knowledge about wine                              and her friendly customer service is a great fit for us.                               She is a Dental Hygienist at Hagerstown Smiles.  She                               married Justin in June of 2018 and of course,  She                                  made her own custom wine for  the event.  


Please feel free to ask for anything that you would like to have carried in the store.  Cindy and Tim are so happy to have met so many nice people in running their business.  They hope to continue meeting new faces and enjoy the many friendships already made.  Stop by the store for a tasting, enjoy a glass or bottle of wine, or share your stories, ask questions, and see what Blue Mountain Wine Crafters can do to help you become better vintners and brewers or to MAKE YOU OWN WINE with us.




Tim & Cindy Rowe established Blue Mountain Wine Crafters, LLC in September 2014. They wanted to pursue their hobby of wine making and expand their interest in beer brewing with the community.  Cindy had met Gary Bowles at The Cracked Cork (the former name of the business) many years before, and was intrigued by the shop and how nice it was to have a small hometown store with a friendly face.  Those who know Gary would agree that he is always humorous, direct to the point, and willing to share his knowledge and experience in brewing beer and making wine.

Cindy and Tim were married in October of 2014.  After meeting with Gary after their honeymoon, they agreed to terms and took over the store in December.  They wanted, among other things, to carry on that hometown, small business atmosphere and share the passion for wine and beer making. 

In May of 2016 We moved to 117 East Baltimore Street and became a Winery, offering Blue Mountain Wine Crafters wine for tasting and bottle sales along with a gift shop being added. The services of make your own wine, beer or cider and the wine & beer making supply store still remains.

 As far as their background...  Cindy is a retired Dental Hygienist working in the field for over 30 years. Tim is a Certified  Safety Professional working in his field for nearly 30 years. Together they have over 18 years of wine making experience.  They continue to learn about beer making from Tyler who is an avid beer maker and you, our customers. 













SUNDAY   12-5